What We Do

At Hutharts Law we offer a wide range of legal services including:

  • Incorporation, Partnership and Business Start-up services
  • Information Technology law
  • Commercial Contracts
  • Commercial Property Law and Conveyancing
  • Company Compliance and Shareholder services
  • Employment Law
  • Landlord and Tenant Law
  • Litigation and Dispute Resolution


legal services experienced solicitorsWHAT WE WILL NOT DO


legal services experienced solicitorsWe will not devalue the solicitor/client relationship by offering our services at a cut price fee from remote service centres so that the personal touch is lost and inevitable delays and a marked lack of communication ensue.

legal services experienced solicitorsWe will not make our clients pay for big expensive office space and overheads or surplus support staff.

legal services experienced solicitorsWe will not pay referral fees which can potentially lead to serious conflicts of interest which would be detrimental to the client and increase the costs of solicitors’ services, however perceived.  We have never and will never pay direct third-party referral fees – our Clients choose us by reputation and by the quality of the advice and service we provide.

legal services experienced solicitorsWe will not hesitate to explain our likely fees at the outset. We will charge fixed fees wherever possible and will ensure that these are fairly expressed and not misleading.

We aim to continually evaluate our corporate goals, to find better ways to conduct our business and exceed our clients’ expectations.
Just as we seek to find optimum outcomes for our clients, we support the development of our people to achieve well trained, motivated and informed Partners and staff.

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